Eco- Friendly Organizations

When business is the topic, the major considerations are profit, sales, marketing, employee and management. Who would ever question this when in fact, the mentioned factors comprises what an ideal business should sum up to. More often than not, a company’s stand on environmental and energy conservation issues are given the much lesser priority? But is this even fair in the first place?

eco friendly 1

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Creating an eco-friendly business in the sense of ensuring a conducive working environment for everyone is easier said than done. It requires commitment and hard work. An organization should start in its own fence before even trying to participate to eco-friendly projects and drives done externally.

One may not realize how important the working atmosphere should be. The busy schedules, the tons of work to be done and all other factors may be the main focus, however, this should not be the case.  As they say, the place of work is sacred. It is an important venue to showcase expertise, knowledge and camaraderie among the teamwork.



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