Steps to Successful Energy Management Plan

Energy conservation is no longer something that could be done, rather this is a measure that should and must be done. Nowadays, energy wastage is such a bad habit that leads to ecological nightmare and financial burden.

energy management 1

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Here’s some steps to take to ensure that the energy consumption in one’s business is in control:

  1. Benchmark – This is the initial step because first and foremost, taking note of the current inventory when it comes to energy consumption will give the full grasp of the energy situation.
  2. Set Goals – After obtaining the current statistics, set goals on what is aimed in terms of energy savings and sustainability.
  3. Set Plans – A plan of action is needed to meet the objectives set.
  4. Preach – Motivation and encouragement among personnel will create the right culture for them to follow.
  5. Implement Change – Execute the plan through procedures. Ensure to document the changes made for quality improvement or even retention of the process if workable.
  6. Track, Measure and Verify – This is the most important among all the processes. Relevant information is needed not only to improve the energy consumption of a business but to know if there are procedures that require improvement as well.

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