What is Renewable Energy?

If sustainability is the main topic, renewable energy will always be under its umbrella. A study that was conducted stated that renewable resources such as biomass, water, geothermal, wind and solar are the most frequently used renewable energy sources.

renewable energy

Photo from https://www.metering.com/reports/renewable-energy-integration-increases-as-coal-powered-generation-decreases-in-the-us/

Here’s some renewable sources and some information as well:

  1. Biomass – The sources include, forestry and agricultural byproducts, trees, algae, and even methane fumes that comes from landfills.
  2. Water- Or also known as hydropower. The history of water being a source of energy is perhaps one of the longest.
  3. Wind – It is considered as an infinite renewable resource.
  4. Geothermal – Other applications of this type of renewable energy is the use of its heat in buildings, roads and factories.
  5. Solar – The energy that came from the heat and light of the sun.

Regenerating and replenishing energy coming from these sources is very much possible, unlike energy that came from fossil fuels. The increasing cost and the diminishing availability of nonrenewable fossil fuel is the primary reason why energy from renewable sources gained its current popularity and reputation. Certain energy management projects by different countries adapted the measure of renewable portfolio standard to ensure that renewable energy is being maximized.


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