5 Summer Energy-Saving Tips

Stay cool this summer without spending more on your energy bill. Here are 5 energy-saving tips for summer that you need to know.



  1. Minimize indoor heat so that your cooling system doesn’t have to work as much. If you’re going to be using your oven, dishwasher and dryer, considering using them when the weather’s cooler. Ideal times are early in the morning, late afternoon and early evening.
  2. You can also keep your home cooler by closing your curtains and blinds during the day and opening them at night.
  3. Room and ceiling fans can help you stay cool for less. Plus, you’ll be able to give your cooling unit a much-needed break.
  4. Check your pipes, vents and connections to see if they are properly caulked and sealed.
  5. You can even take energy-saving a step further by hiring a company that does continuous monitoring. You’ll be able to find out when you’re using excess energy and get ideas on how to save more energy.



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