Energy Reduction Tips for Businesses

No matter the industry, one of the major challenges that businesses face is energy reduction. Reducing energy consumption can not only help companies cut costs but also help them with their corporate social responsibility by being “greener”. Here are some tips that can help companies with energy reduction.


  1. Hire a company that can audit your energy consumption as well as conduct continuous monitoring. This will identify which times you’re consuming too much energy and which processes are causing it to happen. With these data, you’ll be able to form better energy policies as well as create more effective campaigns.
  2. Make sure that you’re only using either CFL or LED lights since these types consume less energy and are proven to have longer lifespans than other light bulbs.
  3. Kill two birds with one stone. Minimize your paper and ink usage and save energy consumed by using your printers by only printing documents that need physical copies. Consider using digital copies whenever possible.
  4. Turn off all equipment that aren’t being used. This includes your printers, scanners, fax machines, microwave, lights and heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Even better, make sure that they’re not plugged during weekends and holidays.
  5. Identify drafts and fix them as soon as possible to stay on top of your cooling and heating bills.

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