Eco- Friendly Organizations

When business is the topic, the major considerations are profit, sales, marketing, employee and management. Who would ever question this when in fact, the mentioned factors comprises what an ideal business should sum up to. More often than not, a company’s stand on environmental and energy conservation issues are given the much lesser priority? But is this even fair in the first place?

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Good Office Management

As they say, operations is the heart and soul of any organization. A known fact is that this is the group that brings the money because the actual and specific actions are being started and completed with this department. However, an important section as well is the administration.

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What is Renewable Energy?

If sustainability is the main topic, renewable energy will always be under its umbrella. A study that was conducted stated that renewable resources such as biomass, water, geothermal, wind and solar are the most frequently used renewable energy sources.

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Two Must-Have Tools for Your Efficiency Analytics Solution

An Efficiency Analytics solution can help you with energy saving efficiently and at a lower cost than other alternatives. It can provide you with a personalized insight on how your energy consumption is and what you can do to reduce it. Here are two must-have tools that your Efficiency Analytics solution should have.


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